Food Pantry Shortages

This week I have decided to share an issue within the city of Wichita, KS.  Since the economic downturn several years ago, food pantries have struggled to keep food on their shelves.  These pantries range from independent groups to religious pantries.  Many of these pantries rely on the help of volunteers, and donations from both the Kansas Food Bank and from other local churches.  The donation needs are both monetary and for food to give out.  This article discusses the Westside Good Neighbor Center and the fact that they had to close their doors due to lack of food back in 2011.  They were serving more than 2,000 people per month with their services.  Even though this is a couple of years in the past, food pantries are still facing the same issues: lack of monetary support and food.

This article gets straight to the point with its opening paragraph.  This is a form of direct writing: state the problem and then explain.  I think the article could be improved in several different ways.  1: How is this pantry doing in comparison to others in the area?  The author could have added a short statement about the struggles other pantries are facing, whether they are the same or different.  2: I would have liked to see a link to donate to this pantry specifically.  There is a link to UNICEF; however, this will not directly assist this specific pantry.  3: Lastly, I would have liked to see a paragraph with a little background on the organization.  If that in some way could express how long this organization has been helping the community and their mission, more people may be inspired to donate items.


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